Truth and Justice
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    Producer Rachel Edwardson in attendance

    10-year-old Dujuan, a child healer, hunter and speaker of two Indigenous languages struggles mightily to navigate between two starkly different worlds—his First Nations family and the white-dominated Australian educational system that has little regard for his culture or language. At school, Dujuan ‘acts out’ and gets suspended; at home, his loving grandmother Carol fights to give him a strong Arrernte education, alongside his western one. Meanwhile, Dujuan learns more about his gifts as a healer and, at times, playfully takes charge of the camera.

    Set in the starkly beautiful Northern Territory of Australia, the film is by turns sad, joyous, inspiring and spiritual. Director Maya Newell brilliantly captures the fleeting, searching moments of youth while revealing the broader forces of history and racism that can control people’s fate. –Ken Jacobson

  • Maya Newell is an Australian documentary director with a focus on social justice. Her first feature GAYBY BABY (Hot Docs, BFI, DOC NYC) stirred a national conversation in Australia when it was banned from being screened in schools by the State Governments.