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  • Inside a bustling Brussels shopping center, hair salon Jolie Coiffure has become hub to a vibrant group of African migrants. Through its tall glass windows, manager Sabine can be seen braiding hair or lending advice and support to others, their experiences a reflection of her own. Inviting filmmaker Rosine Mbakam inside, Sabine offers an insider’s perspective of a community united in cultural roots that lie elsewhere. She represents the subtlety of their shared experiences, the traumas of migration and a barely repressed anxiety that each day might signal more police raids and deportations. As if in defiance, their laughter, charm and good-natured teasing are testament to human resilience. A lovely observational chamber piece and affectionate tribute, Chez Jolie Coiffure heralds an important new voice in documentary filmmaking. –Malin Kan

  • Rosine Mfetgo Mbakam is trained in editing and directing. She has made several documentaries for NGOs. In 2003, she joined Spectrum Television, where she created audiovisual programs. In 2007, Mbakam left Cameroon to study film at Institut Supérieur des Arts in Belgium. THE TWO FACES OF A BAMILÉKÉ WOMAN was her debut film.

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