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    AUTONOMY explores the history of automated cars and the impact this technology will have on our society. As the value of our time has changed, it is unavoidable that automation affects the economics of our everyday life.

    Executive-produced by Malcolm Gladwell, AUTONOMY asks questions about who will benefit most from this technology, and about the liability and safety concerns of self-driving cars. Futurist thinkers, engineers and researchers share stories of innovation and how new design will shape our experience of traveling by car. By reflecting on the automotive industry’s past, AUTONOMY prompts an important discussion of how Silicon Valley approaches this issue and the policies we should consider during this mobility revolution. –Sarah Harris

  • Alex Horwitz directed HAMILTON’S AMERICA, the film that explores America’s founding through Lin-Manuel Miranda's “Hamilton.” He created a short film with Blue Man Group, and wrote and directed ALICE JACOBS IS DEAD, winner of Best Horror Film at San Diego Comic-Con. As an editor, he has cut for directors Terry Gilliam and Joe Berlinger.

  • Alex Horwitz