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  • Directors Clayton Brown and Monica Long Ross in attendance

    Deep in the heart of Kentucky, a new theme park takes shape: the Ark Encounter, a life-size reproduction of Noah’s Ark. The museum is filled with exhibits of the creatures on board, including dinosaurs.

    WE BELIEVE IN DINOSAURS embarks on a fascinating journey into the creationist movement, a belief of the Bible being historically and scientifically accurate, rebutting evolution. The film follows the Ark project from conception to opening day and chronicles three locals challenging the movement and fighting for scientific truth. Money is on the line, too, as the small town anticipates potential tourism and the museum receives controversial tax incentives. Filmed over three years, WE BELIEVE IN DINOSAURS explores our country’s unique clash of science and religion. –Sarah Harris

  • Clayton Brown is an award-winning filmmaker interested in exploring the stories that emerge when people pursue their passions. He co-directed the documentaries THE ATOM SMASHERS (INDEPENDENT LENS) and THE BELIEVERS (Best Documentary, Chicago International Film Festival). A co-founder of 137 Films, Clayton teaches documentary production and cinematography at Northwestern University.

    Monica Long Ross is a co-founder of 137 Films, a documentary production company dedicated to telling the stories that erupt where science and culture meet. She co-directed the award-winning documentaries THE ATOM SMASHERS and THE BELIEVERS. Her plays have been produced nationally and are published by Dramatic Publishing.

  • Amy Ellison
    137 Films