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  • Directors Mark Deeble and Victoria Stone in attendance

    The nature documentary is one of cinema’s oldest and most technically refined genres of nonfiction storytelling. Focusing on a single elephant family and the matriarch at its center, this film gives us an incredibly intimate look at the lives of elephants. Over the course of one dry-to-rainy season, the family undergoes an adventure at once momentous and mundane. With tragedy and triumph lurking everywhere, the family confronts multiple obstacles on the way to finding refuge at a life-saving waterhole. It’s an epic trek they repeat every year. With intense emotional twists and incredible photography, it’s no wonder this has been one of the most highly acclaimed and beloved films of the year. –Lane Kneedler

    Co-presented with DCEFF, the Environmental Film Festival in the Nation’s Capital.

  • Mark Deeble and Victoria Stone are a filmmaking duo known for THE QUEEN OF TREES (2005), NATURE (1982) and NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC EXPLORER (1985). Deeble is a cinematographer and director, and Stone is a producer and director.

  • Dahven Polakow