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  • Beginning with the Iranian Hostage Crisis in 1979, Marion Stokes secretly recorded television 24 hours a day at a time when networks did not systematically archive the news. Stokes was a fierce activist, motivated by truth and freedom, and after she began working in television, she quickly recognized the influence media had on society. As she aged, she became a wealthy reclusive archivist, recording over 70,000 VHS tapes in an effort to protect truth and check facts long before “fake news” became a catch phrase.

    In contrast to the crude news images running non-stop in Stokes’ apartment, filmmaker Matt Wolf’s brilliantly stylized and layered approach creates a riveting portrait of a complex, private woman who preserved a valuable time capsule of America’s modern TV age. –Sarah Harris

  • Matt Wolf is a filmmaker whose documentaries include WILD COMBINATION, about cellist and disco producer Arthur Russell, and TEENAGE, about early youth culture and the birth of teenagers. His shorts include BAYARD & ME, about civil rights leader Bayard Rustin, and IT’S ME, HILARY, about the illustrator of the children’s book series “Eloise.”

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