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    Mike Wallace began his broadcast career as a showman, pitching cigarettes and acting. All that changed when he joined the straight-laced CBS network as a correspondent journalist.

    Using exclusively archival footage, MIKE WALLACE IS HERE explores his life and multi-decade career in broadcast television, beginning in the 1950s. With the creation of the TV newsmagazine 60 MINUTES, Wallace took his showmanship with him to become best known for his confrontational, compelling interview style. His work was a major force in pushing the form of journalism to the tipping point we know today. It is both a portrait of a troubled, driven man and a meditative journey through the history of American media. –Sarah Harris

  • Raised in Tel Aviv, Avi Belkin is a filmmaker working across documentary and fiction. His 2015 film WINDING won Best Documentary at the Haifa International Film Festival. Belkin is currently directing a new true-crime series with Delirio Films and Blumhouse for AMC. MIKE WALLACE IS HERE is his debut English-language feature.

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