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    In the wake of the 2016 election, the members of the San Francisco Gay Men’s Chorus felt they had to do something. With The Oakland Interfaith Gospel Choir as allies, they set out to tour the Deep South, to sing and meet the faith-based communities that in large part voted against LGBTQ rights. Chorus members confront their pasts with the church, meet residents working for change, and find kindness and grace where they feared they would find hate. A tenor of hope arises as the liberal-city folks and the red-state locals speak, confront biases, dine and sing together. GAY CHORUS DEEP SOUTH seeks to sing an elegy to the cultural divide and find some harmony along the journey. –Eric Moore

  • David Charles Rodrigues is a Greek-American-Brazilian filmmaker and civil rights activist. He's a Sundance New Frontier and Doc Lab Fellow. His work leverages art, music and cinematic narratives to trojan-horse challenging messages into people’s hearts and minds. 

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