Truth and Justice
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  • Employing his distinctive investigative style once again to masterful effect, the brilliant Danish documentary filmmaker Mads Brügger (THE RED CHAPEL, THE AMBASSADOR) turns his attention to the unsolved 1961 plane crash that killed UN Secretary-General Dag Hammarskjöld. Was the crash an accident or was the plane shot down as payback for Hammarskjöld’s advocacy on behalf of newly decolonized African nations? Brügger follows a story that grows increasingly bizarre. Soon, he is digging up an airfield in Zambia and confronting members of a secret society of South African mercenaries. Whether the mystery is eventually “solved” is beside the point. In the mad, mad world of Mads Brügger, it’s the journey that counts, and in this case, it’s a wild ride indeed. Winner of the Sundance World Cinema Documentary Prize for Directing. –Ken Jacobson

  • Mads Brügger is a Danish journalist, television host, author and filmmaker. Brügger also created the satirical docuseries DANES FOR BUSH and the feature documentaries The RED CHAPEL (2010 Sundance World Cinema Documentary Jury Prize) and THE AMBASSADOR (2012 Sundance Film Festival).

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