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    Director Robert Stone in attendance

    50 years after Neil Armstrong’s “one small step,” CHASING THE MOON chronicles America’s audacious and difficult race to the moon. Using exclusively archival footage — with much never before seen in public — this exceptional series re-contextualizes the social and historical importance of the Space Age and the sheer wonder of the moon landing itself. After the Soviets launched their Sputnik satellite, what was once thought as science fiction became reality. Fascinating stories told by those involved reveal how America’s space race fused scientific innovation, political drama and media spectacle into one profound achievement. –Sarah Harris

  • Robert Stone is a multi-award-winning, Oscar®-nominated and Emmy®-nominated documentary filmmaker best known for RADIO BIKINI; GUERRILLA: THE TAKING OF PATTY HEARST; OSWALD’S GHOST; and EARTH DAYS, just four of the now eight films he has produced for PBS’ acclaimed history documentary series, AMERICAN EXPERIENCE.

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