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  • Created by a team led by the multi-talented director/writer/cinematographer/editor Victor Kossakovsky, AQUARELA is a visual and aural tour de force that puts you face to face with the overwhelmingly raw power of water in all its forms. Aside from a dramatic opening sequence, the human form is largely absent from this cinematic journey to locations, including a frozen Lake Baikal in Siberia, the deserted streets of Miami during the thundering Hurricane Irma, and the gloriously majestic Angel Falls in Venezuela.

    To say the film is experiential is a radical understatement; it manages to redefine the cinema-going experience itself. Without relying on special effects as a crutch, Kossakovsky conveys a cinematic vision every bit as powerful as the tumultuous natural forces he is depicting. –Ken Jacobson

  • Victor Kossakovsky (director/writer/cinematographer/editor) is an innovative documentary filmmaker whose work has been honored with more than 100 awards at festivals. His distinctive filmography spans many different subjects, but always explores the interplay of reality and poetic moments. He serves as a mentor to aspiring filmmakers and documentarians globally.